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iPhone 5C and 5S are record for Apple

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Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has announced that new iPhones sold almost twice as good as the previous model during the first weekend.

Apple revealed that 9 million of new Cupertino-made iPhones were sold during the launch weekend. This topped last year result of 5 million registered by iPhone 5. Tim Cook said that this was their best iPhone launch yet. Truth to be told, the demand was so high that people who ordered those phones online may have to wait couple of weeks more before they will get their new Apple device.

The release in the UK was also quite satisfactory as operators and retailers allegedly say that new iPhones are selling well and probably they will be out of stock soon. This is good news for Apple, as initially pre-orders on iPhone 5C were lower than expected. However, we should remember that iPhone 5 was also quite positively received last year, but as time passed it started losing to Android smartphones.

Meanwhile, last week we also had the launch of iOS 7 (which come pre-installed in new iPhones)  that was also a record-breaking event as Apple reported couple of days ago that it had 200 million devices running on the new operating system – a record for software upgrade launch.

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Price plans for iPhone

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New iPhones land in the UK on September 20 and all operators have already issued their pricing plans for those newest Cupertino-made smartphones.

mobileInitially, you will be able to buy new iPhones at six providers: EE (Orange and T-Mobile), O2, Three UK and Vodafone. All of them have made pre-orders available just for iPhone 5C on Friday, 13th, while iPhone 5S will be available on Friday, 20th but I cannot pre-order it now, so except long queues.

Unsurprisingly, new iPhones are 4G-ready and all operators say that their 4G service will work on those brand new phones. Both iPhone 5S and 5C are currently unavailable in a PAYG deal and if you want those smartphones you need to either sign a contract or be ready to pay £469 for iPhone 5C or £549 for iPhone 5S. As you can see that’s a bit of money and unfortunately Apple’s iPhone 5C turned out not to be a cheaper and competitive medium level product, but almost as expensive as any other iPhone is.

To make this price comparison clearer only the plans with lowest upfront cost are shown in the table below and prices are valid for 16GB models. To get full data you need to get to an appropriate operator’s website and compare all available plans.

As you can see from the data it is impossible to pay less than 30 pounds per month if you want the iPhone with a 24-contract and low initial cost. Please take into consideration that out of 6 plans only EE’s plan is a 4G plan. If you want to have a 4G-ready plan at Vodafone or O2 you need to add around £5 to the monthly fee.

Price plans for iPhone

IPHONE 5C (cheapest plans – 24 months)

Three UK EE Orange T-Mobile O2 Vodafone
Monthly fee: £37 £46 £47 £42 £32 £42
Upfront cost: £49 £9.99 £9.99 £29.99 £29.99 FREE
Calls: 500 mins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 600 mins Unlimited
Texts: 5000 txts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data: Unlimited 10 GB 3 GB Unlimited 750 MB 2GB

Price plans for iPhone

IPHONE 5C (cheapest plans – 12 months)

Three UK EE Orange T-Mobile* O2 Vodafone
Monthly fee:    









Upfront cost: £259.99 £89.99 £109
Calls: Unlimited 900 mins Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data: 8 GB 750 MB 4 GB

*T-Mobile does not offer 12-month long plans for iPhones, but instead it has 18-month long ones

Price plans for iPhone

IPHONE 5S (cheapest plans – 24 months)

Three UK EE Orange T-Mobile O2 Vodafone
Monthly fee:    


£46 £42 £42 £42    


Upfront cost: £9.99 £99.99 £119.99 FREE
Calls: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 600 mins
Texts: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data: 10 GB 3 GB Unlimited 1 GB

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