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Cheap call bundles to Asia at Vectone

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Save on Cheap call international rates to Asia

Save on cheap international rates to Asia

Vectone Mobile offers Cheap call 1p calls to Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka to its PAYG SIM card customers.

If you call Pakistan, Philippines or Sri Lanka regularly, then you can do it for peanuts thanks to new bundles at Vectone Mobile called Country Saver. The service is divided into three offers (one for each country) which vary slightly but in a nutshell you choose one local number from a country and benefit from a rate of just 1p per minute. All of these bundles costs £10 and give 1000 minutes allowance valid for 30 days.  In addition, the Sri Lanka and Philippines Country Savers come with 1GB of data allowance. Only Vectone PAYG SIM card are eligible for the deal.

You may think that 1000 minutes per month to call one number is way too much as not everybody will use such allowance. In order to make the deal even more attractive both Sri Lanka and Philippines allowances can be shared between up to 3 different Vectone PAYG SIM cards, so that, for example, your whole family can call one relative. The service is limited to particular operators: in Sri Lanka you may choose a number from Etisalat, Hutch or Mobitel, in Philippines the deal is restricted to Sun Celluar, while in Pakistan you can select only Zong mobile numbers.

If you are interested in any of the deals and you already have a Vectone PAYG SIM card you need to fill up a form on Vectone’s website and have enough credit on your account. The operator says that it may take up to 3 days to activate the service. Additionally, the offer is automatically renewed each month so if you want to resign, remember to do it not later than 7 days before the end of your 30-day period.

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January 6th, 2015 at 4:45 pm

MVNOs lure new customers with free credit

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How often do you switch your operator? free credit

How often do you switch your operator when you use PAYG SIM card?

Asda, Vectone and Lebara offer free bundles for new PAYG SIM card customers and those who move their number to MVNOs networks.

British mobile market is dominated by four main operators which take the majority of market share. They have been fighting for customers for years but the most interesting battle may be seen between the smallest parties on this market. MVNOs, as this is where the rivalry is fiercest, are usually created to cater for the needs of particular, limited groups. These virtual operators mostly provide their customers with PAYG SIM cards thus giving them freedom but also no ties to one operator. It makes it very easy for a customer to switch from one operator to another.  In order to attract people and make them use their services, MVNOs offer competitive rates and attractive sign-up bonuses. It is an ideal situation for consumers as they benefit from the struggle between operators and thanks to using PAYG SIM cards, number transfer is not so problematic and can be done at any time. This article looks at three such operators and their offers for new customers.

First, we will look at Vectone which is an operator that uses EE’s mobile coverage and offers both PAYG SIM cards and contracts. They advertise that consumers that transfer their number to Vectone get £15 for free. And it is partially true. People who move their number to Vectone get a bonus when they top-up for the first time. It varies depending on the top-up amount and in the best case scenario you may get £15, but only when you top up 30 quids. In other cases, the joining bonus is between £2 and £10, depending on the top-up value. Obviously, this is a deal just for PAYG SIM card users.

Another transfer bonus is offered by Lebara. This international MVNO offers only pay as you go SIM cards and it is customised to meet the needs of migrant workers. The operator piggybacks on Vodafone so if you are curious about the mobile coverage you need to go to our mobile coverage checker. The bonus promised by Lebara is simple: £4 of free credit for anyone who decides to switch from any other operator. It does not sound as nice as £15 at Vectone, but it does not require to top-up huge amounts to benefit from it.

Finally, the third offer is from Asda Mobile, an MVNO set up by the famous supermarket brand back in 2007. This operator provides EE’s mobile coverage and deals only in PAYG SIM cards. In contrast to the previous ones, Asda’s sign-up bonus is not aimed at customers switching their numbers but it is for every new-comer.  The deal itself beats those above as every new ASDA PAYG SIM card may come with a free bundle worth £20! It includes 2 GB of data, 1500 minutes and 2000 texts valid for 30 days, so basically almost an all-you-can-eat deal for a month. The only requirement is to log in and register at Asda to get the free bundle. The offer is limited to first 80,000 customers and it is valid until the 2nd of February 2015.

As you can see MVNOs fight hard for PAYG SIM card users and if you want to keep track of the latest deals available in the UK visit our webpage and stay up to date.

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January 6th, 2015 at 2:59 pm

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Huge increases of PAYG SIM card tariffs at Vectone and Lycamobile

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Will customers move away from Lyca and Vectone after these price hikes?

Will customers move away from Lyca and Vectone after these price hikes?

Vectone and Lycamobile has recently raised their standard PAYG SIM card rates by around 50%

Two well-known MVNOs, Vectone and Lycamoble, changed their basic PAYG SIM card tariffs during last couple of weeks. This price hike touched mobile calls, landline calls and text messages.

In November (data from Nov, 4th) Vectone Mobile websites showed that mobile calls outside Vectone cost 10p/min, landline rate was 5p/min, while non-Vectone texts were at 10p per message. During our next check of British PAYG SIM card tariffs on Dec, 2, we noticed that calls to other networks rose by 50% to 15p/min, landline calls went up by 80% to 9p/min and texts rate was increased by 33% to 15p. These changes were introduced only to Vectone’s standard rates for PAYG SIM cards. Customers may take advantage of their Pocket Saver bundles which also gives access to discounted rates that basically are the rates valid before the price hike.

Lycamobile’s update of PAYG SIM card rates was of the same size. Customers now have to pay 15p per minute for mobile calls, 9p for landline calls and 15p for a text. This means that the rates were increased by 5p, 4p and 5p respectively. Additionally, Lyca also changed its international PAYG SIM card rates, particularly costs of international texts.  In this case, the update made the rate grow by 25% from 12p to 15p. If customers select one of the UK Plan bundles, then they are offered special lowered international and national rates. Special National tariff means that UK landline calls 5p/min, while mobile calls are for 10p/min.

Lyca and Vectone’s decisions to increase standard rates for their PAYG SIM card definitely isn’t a popular decision, however, thanks to their wide range of bundles customers may actually not feel that change too much.

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December 11th, 2014 at 8:23 pm

Vectone includes international calls in its all-in-one bundle

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Are you interested in money saving all-in-one bundle?

Are you interested in money saving all-in-one bundle?

The international MVNO launched a new deal which comprises of national calls, texts and data, as well as international airtime.

Quite recently MVNOs focused on international calls have started offering comprehensive bundles that include all you need for local calls but also caters for the needs of customers who call abroad. Nowadays, you can get one of such bundles for Vectone PAYG SIM cards at a fairly low cost. This MVNO’s bundle known as All-in-One Pocket Saver literally saves your money. Vectone gives away unlimited text and data, 500 minutes for national and international calls as well as standard unlimited calls and texts to other Vectone numbers. All the above costs £10 a month. At the first glance, the deal looks amazingly good, but obviously there are some conditions which make this PAYG SIM card deal less generous but still a very competitive one.

First of all, you get 500 minutes for national and international calls and you can mix and match them. This makes the bundle very flexible, because you might just need 50 minutes for international calls one month, while in the other 200 minutes. However, the destinations you can call are limited to 25 countries from around the world (a complete list is available here). Then, unlimited texts and data are not really unlimited. In terms of texts, you can send no more than 3000 UK texts and you can’t send more than 200 a day. Supposedly, this limit is more than an average PAYG SIM card user needs but there are some heavy texters out there who might need more. The biggest disappointment is the data limit as Vectone offers 3GB in this bundle and tethering is unavailable. Again this is quite a lot of data but not nearly enough for some people. Finally, remember that All-in-One bundles at Vectone are valid for 30 days from the activation day and any unused allowance will be lost.

Nevertheless, All-in-One Pocket Saver is a nice deal for pay as you go SIM cards and if you are interested in getting it, you may subscribe by dialling *1028# from your Vectone PAYG SIM card.

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July 7th, 2014 at 10:58 am

Vectone offers local rates in 3 European countries

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Vectone removes roaming fees in 3 European states

Vectone removes roaming fees in 3 European states

Vectone Mobile allows its customers to pay only local rates when they travel to France, Portugal or Sweden.

Today we would like to present yet another interesting roaming deal for PAYG SIM cards. This time it is Vectone’s “2 Country SIM” deal which enables customers to take advantage of local rates when they are in France, Portugal or Sweden. The basic premise of this service is to have two numbers on one SIM card – one British and one from a chosen country. Thanks to such a solution Vectone customers will be charged at local rates when they use their phone in a selected country. But it is more than just a way of avoiding roaming charges, because additionally whoever calls from a chosen country when you are in Britain will pay as if they were making a domestic call. This makes it also a nice solution for staying in touch with friends and family at low-cost.

When you activate “2 Country SIM” by calling Vectone’s customer service on 322 or 02071790134, you will be assigned a second number from the selected country. Apart from low rates, you will not have to keep 2 PAYG SIM cards and both numbers are connected to one Vectone account so you only have to top up one account to be able to use both numbers. The rules concerning this service includes the limit to have only one additional number simultaneously, no special offers may apply to the second number and the conversion rate from pounds to euro (or vice versa) is set by the operator.

As the deal is free of charge, it becomes a very competitive service both for international calls and roaming for PAYG SIM cards. We will update our readers as soon as the deal is extended to other countries or removed, however, for the time being it is a smart solution for travellers going to France, Portugal or Sweden.

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June 25th, 2014 at 10:20 pm