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Free 4G for PAYG at Tesco Mobile

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Tesco gives out 4G for free

Tesco gives out 4G for free!

Tesco Mobile has decided to let their PAYG SIM card users use 4G service at no extra cost.

Mobile operators are starting to treat 4G service as a standard service that should be given out to their customers without additional charges. Tesco Mobile joins the trend as they announced that all their pay as you go customers will be granted 4G speeds at the same price as 3G.

Previously, only Tesco monthly customers could experience 4G without paying anything extra; however, as of July 25, all Tesco PAYG SIM card users will also be able to avail 4G without a premium. In order to fully take advantage of 4G, the supermarket MVNO added extra 4G data bundles that range from tiny 500MB packs up to massive 8GB add-ons. If you do not want to commit yourself to any extra data package, you will still pay just 10p for 1MB.

Tesco piggybacks on O2, which means that customers have a decent 4G mobile coverage in most urban areas and the network is gradually expanding in all of the UK, so it should have good mobile coverage in the whole country in no time.

The mobile operator explained its move by saying that current world is in need of fast access to the Internet and huge bandwidth. Additionally, they did not find any reason why PAYG SIM cards should be treated differently than PAYM ones and that is why they decided to give all their customers 4G service for free.

Telecommunications pundits sees Tesco’s move as yet another step towards ubiquitous 4G in the UK. They also emphasized that what Tesco did gave them an edge over their competition. Making 4G affordable to PAYG SIM card customers is a direction that should be taken by all operators. If such mobile providers like Virgin Mobile or giffgaff do not keep up with Tesco and its likes then they will miss out on 4G.

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August 1st, 2014 at 6:32 am

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Tesco smartphone

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Will Tesco smartphone be competition for other phones?

Will Tesco’s smartphone be competition for other phones?

Tesco Mobile plans to introduce its own high-tech Tesco smartphone in the near future.

Tesco CEO, Philip Clarke has shared his plans of his company in a BBC Radio 5 programme Wake Up to Money and revealed that Tesco will bring in its own-branded smartphone. It is rumoured that the handset will be comparable to Samsung Galaxy S5 in terms of specifications. Its operating system will surely be Android. Moreover, the phone will come with all Tesco services pre-installed.

The idea of creating a Tesco smartphone came from Tesco Hudl, the supermarket chain’s tablet. The affordable Hudl turned out to be a success as the company has recently revealed that it has sold over 500,000 units and is planning to release Hudl 2 in September this year.

Unfortunately, neither Phillip Clarke nor any other Tesco official has disclosed any precise information about the smartphone’s price, availability or specifications.  This means that right now we just have a confirmation that a Tesco phone is in the pipeline and we will see it sometime this year. However, if Tesco does not change its strategy, we might probably get a phone that delivers the specifications at Samsung Galaxy level and at rock-bottom prices.

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May 13th, 2014 at 8:59 pm

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Tesco Mobile offers free 4G

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Tesco Mobile wants to give out free 4G

Tesco Mobile wants to give out free 4G

Tesco Mobile has become the first MVNO to provide their customers with free 4G services without any extra costs.

British supermarket chain has decided to follow Three UK and offer 4G services to their customers completely for free. This made Tesco the first MVNO with 4G services with no premium. Previously this mobile operator charged its customer an additional £2.50 for using 4G. Unfortunately, free 4G is not accessible to all customers. The deal is only available to SIM-only contract holders.

It means that while the deal itself is a great value, it requires the customer to have a 4G-ready smartphone or some additional quids to spend on such a device. An additional issue with free 4G is that the data allowance in SIM-only tariffs at Tesco is not large enough, so if you choose those tariffs better watch your limits or get some data bundles, especially if you choose the entry-level tariff for £7.50. Tesco Mobile runs on O2 so 4G mobile coverage is limited for the time being.

Nevertheless, Tesco’s decision to let some customers use 4G services is a step forward and a very competitive move. We hope that Tesco will soon extend its offer to pay as you go SIM cards. Even if that does not happen, there will be more MVNOs entering 4G market with free 4G services and main operators will have to upgrade their offer to stay competitive.

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February 1st, 2014 at 6:32 pm

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Stopping bill shock

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Almost everyone has faced paying for bills more than they were expecting. Ofcom, UK regulator, found out that as much as 3 per cent (about 1.4 million) of customers has experienced “bill-shock” in the year to the end of July 2012. There are several activities contributing to this: making calls to numbers not included in inclusive call packages, exceeding voice or data allowances, using data that is not included in a bundle, using a phone while being abroad and lost or stolen phones.  High bills vary from £20 to £50 and 70 per cent have to pay up to £20.

The regulator warns that if the mobile industry won’t sufficiently reduce customers’ damages it will impose obligatory options to solve the problem. For example, Ofcom advises operators and retailers to introduce roaming financial caps and alerts. It also has asked UK mobile providers to do something to develop and promote “opt-in” measures. These are: allowing customers to set their own financial caps and sending them alerts about usage. To enable this they should introduce some new tariffs. Two operators – Three and Tesco – offer  such services but their limited version. However, the operators claim the services are difficult to put in practice because some of them are problematic when customers are abroad. Ofcom will also work with providers to solve the problem of high bills in case when phones are stolen or lost.

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March 22nd, 2013 at 12:55 pm

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