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Cheap call bundles to Asia at Vectone

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Save on Cheap call international rates to Asia

Save on cheap international rates to Asia

Vectone Mobile offers Cheap call 1p calls to Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka to its PAYG SIM card customers.

If you call Pakistan, Philippines or Sri Lanka regularly, then you can do it for peanuts thanks to new bundles at Vectone Mobile called Country Saver. The service is divided into three offers (one for each country) which vary slightly but in a nutshell you choose one local number from a country and benefit from a rate of just 1p per minute. All of these bundles costs £10 and give 1000 minutes allowance valid for 30 days.  In addition, the Sri Lanka and Philippines Country Savers come with 1GB of data allowance. Only Vectone PAYG SIM card are eligible for the deal.

You may think that 1000 minutes per month to call one number is way too much as not everybody will use such allowance. In order to make the deal even more attractive both Sri Lanka and Philippines allowances can be shared between up to 3 different Vectone PAYG SIM cards, so that, for example, your whole family can call one relative. The service is limited to particular operators: in Sri Lanka you may choose a number from Etisalat, Hutch or Mobitel, in Philippines the deal is restricted to Sun Celluar, while in Pakistan you can select only Zong mobile numbers.

If you are interested in any of the deals and you already have a Vectone PAYG SIM card you need to fill up a form on Vectone’s website and have enough credit on your account. The operator says that it may take up to 3 days to activate the service. Additionally, the offer is automatically renewed each month so if you want to resign, remember to do it not later than 7 days before the end of your 30-day period.

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January 6th, 2015 at 4:45 pm

Lebara Freedom

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Lebara Freedom bundle is all-in-one package

Lebara Freedom bundle is all-in-one package

Lebara offers two comprehensive bundles which include international minutes for people who like to talk a lot and prefer using pay as you go SIM cards.

The bundles designed by Lebara take into consideration needs of people who want to use their phones not only to call their friends and family abroad very often but also stay in touch with people they know in the UK and take advantage of their smartphones.

Lebara Freedom comes in two versions – first one for £29 and the second for £39. The allowances it offers are quite similar however the major difference is in the destinations you want to call.

The first Lebara PAYG SIM card bundle for £29 gives 1000 international minutes, unlimited UK minutes and texts to any operator and 1GB of data. In this tariff the international minutes can be used to calls to North America and Asia. The applicable countries are Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The second bundle for PAYG SIM cards costs £39 and is dedicated to people who call mainly European countries. The allowance in this tariff is the same as in the cheaper one with one exception – you have half as much international allowance (500 mins). The countries that you can call with this bundle include all EU member states and such destinations as Japan, Norway, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria or Vietnam. All together the minutes can be used to call 42 countries.

Both bundles are valid for 30 days from purchase and if you exceed any of the limits you will be charged according to standard rates for PAYG SIM cards.

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June 18th, 2014 at 1:50 pm

New National Plus bundle at Lycamobile

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National Plus bundle offers all-in-one bundle

National Plus bundle offers all-in-one package

Lycamobile has updated its National Bundles by adding a new comprehensive bundle that includes international minutes

Recently we have informed about new range of bundles at Lycamobile that are aimed at PAYG SIM card owners that want to use Lycamobile for UK calls. The MVNO expanded this range by adding one new bundle dubbed National Plus. It has similar allowances to other UK bundles but also includes international calls. The price of this bundle is £15 and for that money you get 250 minutes for domestic calls, 3000 texts, 1 GB of data and 200 international minutes to mobile and landline numbers to more than 40 destinations. Full list of destinations for which international allowance may be used is available at Lycamobile’s website; however, it includes EU member states and such countries like the USA, Thailand or South Africa.

The deal is available only for pay as you go SIM cards and to activate it you have to either text 11544 to 3535, dial *139!11544# or log in to your account on Lycamobile’s website and choose National Plus Bundle. The bundle is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase and for the sake of calculating allowances minutes are rounded up to the closest full minute.  If you choose this bundle remember to use up all the allowance on your PAYG SIM card before the 30-day period as they will disappear after that time.

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May 30th, 2014 at 5:57 pm

4G PAYG bundles at no extra cost

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O2 wants to regain some of their lost PAYG customers

O2 wants to regain some of their lost PAYG customers – 4G PAYG

On May 29, O2 launched new bundles for pay as you go SIM cards which include 4G Internet (4G PAYG) at no extra costs.

The oxygen operator has moved on to support its market share in pay as you go SIM cards by introducing competitive bundles that give access to 4G speeds at no extra costs. This move is definitely aimed at EE, its biggest competitor, which offers 4G services to its PAYG customers at an additional fee and at rallying their customers in hope to increase the adoption of 4G.

O2’s new bundles called Big Bundles come in 3 different sizes priced at £10, £15 and £20. The allowance that those bundles include doubles with each size. Therefore, the smallest bundle offers 100 minutes, 1000 texts and 500 MB, the middle one then gives you 200 minutes, 2000 texts and 1 GB, while the last one consist of 400 minutes, 4000 texts and 2 GB of data. However, only the £15 and £20 bundles include 4G transfer speeds. If those allowances are not enough, then PAYG SIM card customers can select one of additional data add-ons: 100 MB for £3, 500 MB and 20 MMSs for £6 and 1 GB with 50 MMSs for £10.

If we compare Big Bundles to other pay as you go deals that include 4G, we can see that it is not the middle. It’s because Three UK offers the best price for 4G services as it provides it to all PAYG customers at no extra costs, while EE’s comparable prepaid deal costs £19.99 for 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1 GB of 4G data. Obviously, in terms of mobile coverage EE is currently unmatched, but O2 is quickly catching up and hopefully Three UK will also speed up the 4G deployment process to get full national coverage this year.

We welcome any such developments on the market as it proves that 4G is starting to be considered mainstream technology and sooner or later it will be treated as a standard service and not a premium one.

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May 30th, 2014 at 5:54 pm

ASDA Mobile updates its PAYG rates

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ASDA Mobile, in wake of the move to EE, has rolled out a new PAYG tariff that is up-to-date with current mobile market. This was done in hope to attract more customers interested in pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

ASDA mobileASDA Mobile not only has made a big decision to move to EE’s network, but also significantly lowered its PAYG tariff. The change comes to a great benefit of customers as the majority of rates went down by 20 to 33 per cent. New ASDA has kept its one flat tariff, but cut the call rates from 10p to 8p per minute, while texts costs now just 4p in contrast to 6p before. Moreover, the MVNO used to have a bit complicated rate for data: 75p for first 25MB a day and 50p/MB thereafter. If you only used 25MB per day it meant that 1MB cost 3p, however, if you just used one more megabyte, 26MB, then the price per MB increased to almost 5p. Obviously, the average cost sky-rocketed with each additional MB of data. Right now ASDA Mobile offers a flat fee of 5p/MB.

Current and new ASDA PAYG SIM card owners can now also take advantage of new bundles.  From previous 4 bundles, the provider evolved to 6 bundles that offer more flexibility and may cater for needs of modern smartphone users (for example data bundle: £5 for 500MB). In general, the new bundles offer twice as much allowance for the same price, although unlimited texts in old bundles are changed to 2000 texts in the new ones.

Full data on the new ASDA PAYG SIM card offer is available on their website at .

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December 10th, 2013 at 6:33 pm