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O2 introduces data sharing plans

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O2 new plans may be of interest for tech-savy consumers

O2 new plans may be of interest for tech-savy consumers

O2 launched new plans for all pay monthly customers to share data across many devices.

On November 24, O2 announced that they are introducing two new plans dubbed “Sharer Plan” and “Family Sharer” to make sharing data between people and devices easier. Basically, these two new plans allow customers to use the same bundle on many SIM cards. The “Sharer Plan” is aimed at individuals that use multiple devices, while the “Family Sharer” plan is designed to cater for the needs of families.

The idea behind such plans came from recent research results which showed that there are over 70 million mobile devices in the UK, which means that an average Brit has 1.5 devices, while each household has 3 mobile gadgets on average. Based on that data, O2 decided to introduce a way for consumers to get one big bundle and use it across all devices.

Individuals, who wish to use one bundle in many devices, should select the “Sharer Plan”. The cost of opt in is £6 per month and it is available to any customer with at least 1GB of monthly data on O2 Refresh tariffs.  You can use one bundle on up to 10 devices, which means the lead device and 9 additional SIM cards.

The “Family Sharer” plan allows family members to get a data allowance bolt-on of between 1GB and 8GB and spread across up to 9 people.  An additional option to this plan is to get a £15 contract for each member of the family which will give unlimited call time and text messages. If you need “Family Sharer” just for data, for example for a tablet, then the cost is £6 a month.

Customers can check how much of their data allowance has been used through My O2 app and get a text notifications when they reach 80% of that and another one when it has been fully used. In such a case, they can get additional data bundles that start from £3.

In order to sign up for one of the plans you need to either visit an O2’s retail outlet or turn it on through the phone.

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November 27th, 2014 at 9:37 am

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Lower roaming for Vodafone Pay Monthly customers

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Do lower roaming rates encourages you to go somewhere exotic?

Do lower roaming rates encourage you to go somewhere exotic?

A new service aimed at contract customers, called World Traveller, is going to be launched by Vodafone. The deal gives pay monthly customers a possibility to use their allowance in US, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa for £5 per day. Moreover, incoming calls and texts will be free of charge. Travellers will be allowed to take advantage of the deal from the end of August. All they need to do to opt for this service is to call 5555. Additionally, customers will only be charged 5 pounds for the days the use their mobile phones abroad.

This deal is a nice compliment to Vodafone’s Euro Traveller that was launched few years ago. The second service costs 2 pounds a day and allows customers to use their allowance in the EU. It seems that World Traveller was created due to high demand for its European version – over 1.5 million customers use that service and catering for the needs of more exotic travellers.

The new focus of operators on roaming fees originates from two facts. First, we are in the middle of summer high season and people are holidaying around the world right now. Second, from July 1 new roaming rates were enforced by the EU according to the plan that will completely get rid of roaming rates inside the EU by the end of 2015.

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July 17th, 2014 at 9:37 pm

O2 launches free 4G promotion

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O2 UK has started a new campaign to encourage customers to use free 4G by offering to its 3G customers.

O2 offers free 4G

O2 UK wants to convert some 3G customers to 4G for free

In the wake of recent changes to 4G tariffs at competing providers O2 has decided to offer upgrade to free 4G for some of its customers. The criteria of who will be contacted with an offer to switch to 4G are unknown. The operator only informed that some of its 3G customers that have a 4G-ready smartphone will be eligible to upgrade. When asked about how many people will actually benefit from this campaign, O2 representatives said only that they will not disclose that information, but according to their data there are around 1 million customers with 4G-ready smartphone in their network. O2 has also added that all the relevant people should be contacted within the next few weeks.

The oxygenated operator run a similar promotion in December last year, but then at least they were straightforward about who may receive free 4G upgrade. The criteria in December included having at least 1GB data allowance in their 3G monthly tariff.

Unfortunately, the promotion only encompasses pay monthly customers. Hopefully, in the near future O2 will decide to put out some nice free 4G deals for O2 pay as you go SIM cards

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February 20th, 2014 at 9:56 pm

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New boosts for mobile contract

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TalkTalk is a broadband and landline provider and since last year has  been promoting Mobile service to its current customers.  It offers three tariffs. The first, Small plan, offers 100 minutes, 250 texts and 100MB of data. The second, Medium plan, offers 300 minutes, 3,000 texts and 500MB. And the third, Large plan, offers 1,000 minutes, 3,000 texts and 2GB of data.

New boosts for mobile contract

talk mobile mobile contractNow, a number of bolt-ons have been added to mobile contract services by TalkTalk. The operator gives extra minutes, texts, data and BlackBerry services.  It offers 100 UK minutes, 500 texts or 150MB for £2.50, Blackberry services also for £2.50, 250 UK minutes, 1,000 texts or 500MB of data for £5 as well as international minute packages.

As commercial director Tristia Clarke says, by introducing new options TalkTalk expects to appeal to a wide range of its customers whose needs vary on a month to month basis. Clarke claims that the process is simple and easy to use and the prices are unbeatable. In addition, the boosts demonstrate TalkTalk’s commitment to customers by providing them with the best value mobile tariffs.

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March 19th, 2013 at 11:33 am

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Billion too much on mobile bills

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New research revealed that Brits spend more than their set mobile bills. While we are a nation of mobile phone lovers we do not know our calling habits. It turns out that 48 percent of pay-monthly customers have to pay more than their monthly tariff.  The main culprit responsible for that is calling premium numbers (26% of overspending customers). People seem not to realize how much calling such numbers from mobiles cost and using them inevitably will reflect on the bill. Next reason behind high bills is roaming charges (21%). Not having bundles and using phone too much while being overseas is not a reasonable thing to do. The third on the list is calling voting lines of different competitions (12%). All of these issues cause an average pay-monthly customer to lose around £100 per year. If we consider that half of contract customers are 10 million people we can see that Brits spend 1 billion pounds too much on mobile bills.

The most surprising fact is that 12% of overspenders have no clue why they spend too much. They have no idea how much out-of-tariff charges are and what will they be charged for. The charges are either not well presented so that people do not know what they pay for or Brits simply do not care if they spend more their plan.

Unfortunately, there is no data about PAYG SIM card owners. It would be interesting to compare their spending habits with pay-monthly customers and check whether they also pay more than they expect to. Obviously having pay-as-you-go SIM card allows for better control over the finances and daily control of money spent on mobile phones.

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February 19th, 2013 at 11:58 am

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Vodafone’s rent-a-phone scheme

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Now you can rent a smartphone thanks to Vodafone Red Hot scheme. Currently, customers can choose either iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III or Note II and after the 12-month-long contract is over they need to return the device or they can exchange it to a new top smartphone.


Red Hot is not just phone renting service, but the deal also includes a tariff: unlimited calls and texts in UK, 2GB of data and 2GB of UK WiFi (and if you pick an iPhone it turns into 3GB). Additionally, all phones come with insurance, screen protector and a case. Right now, the basic version of each smartphone does not require any upfront costs but if you want to have more internal memory than you need to pay between 29 and 49 quids. However, the monthly fee is way higher than usually. iPhone 5 start at £59 per month, while Galaxy S3 will cost you at least £49 per month. Whether this phone rental scheme is more economical depends on your needs, lifestyle and whether you want to pay nothing outright but more every month.

Vodafone's rent-a-phone scheme


After the 12-month contract is done you will have to return the phone to Vodafone. Then an assessor will evaluate in what quality is the phone. If it just normal wear and tear, then everything is ok, but if the phone is damaged or not in good condition, you will have to pay up to £150. In case when you don’t return the phone or it is not working, then you will need to reimburse Vodafone something between £300 and £425, depending on the phone.

Vodafone explained the introduction of new scheme as a way to meet the demands of their customers who want to change their phones every year to always have a hi-tech device. Vodafone Consumer Director, Srini Gopalan, said: “Vodafone Red Hot marks another way for customers to stay one step ahead of their friends, having the latest technology in their hands.  Coupled with unlimited calls, texts and a massive amount of internet, we think there will be many customers who will see this as a great choice.”

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November 20th, 2012 at 10:20 am