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Google to launch MVNO in the USA

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Will Google MVNO be a flop like Google Glasses? Google to launch MVNO

Will Google MVNO be a flop like Google Glass? Google to launch MVNO

Few days ago Google announced that it will start its own MVNO in the USA in a partnership with T-Mobile and Sprint

Google to launch MVNO

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google’s SVP of Products, Sundar Pichai confirmed rumours that the Internet giant is going to launch its own MVNO in the US. While Mr. Pichai wasn’t precise about the start date and said that it will happen „in the next few months”, rumour has it that Google may kick off this project even this month. Little is known about the project, but Google’s MVNO will probably piggy-back on both T-Mobile and Sprint. We don’t know yet whether it will be a nationwide network, if it focuses on PAYG SIM cards or contracts, and what kind of tariffs and rates it will offer. However, it is clear that their unique selling point is the mobile coverage and call quality.

The cornerstone of Google’s MVNO will be to provide mobile coverage through it partnering operators but also with the use of Wi-Fi networks. Services using voice-over-Wi-Fi are not an innovation, but Google wants to provide consumers a possibility to be able to dynamically and seamless change between Wi-Fi and mobile network, depending on the signal quality. Apart from solving the issue of dropped calls, using wireless will extend mobile coverage greatly. If this plan turns out to be a working idea than it might revolutionise the market and bring in more importance of voice-over-Wi-Fi.

Google claims that its MVNO will initially be a small-scale project that will not threaten American operators. Its goal is to showcase the new solution on the telecoms market and serve as a model that might be adopted by other providers in the near future.

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March 11th, 2015 at 8:55 pm

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700k Android devices a day

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Android devices

Android devices

Around half a year ago Google’s senior vice president, Andy Rubin, announced that Google sees 500,000 Android activations a day, but now he updated this figure. According to Rubin there are 700,000 new Android devices every day. He explains that “an activation” is when a new Android devices is registered and connected for the first time to the Internet. This numbers are way over Apple’s and it seems that Google wants to catch up with iTunes Store and its revenue. Last month Google launched so-called Google Music in the US and during that occasion it was said that there are 200 million Android devices out there. Last week during Christmas those numbers were boosted as Rubin tweeted that Christmas brought 3.7 million new Android devices. But Apple doesn’t give up and as it is also popular among customers. According to Flurry Analytics there were 3.1 million iOS devices activated during Christmas.

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January 3rd, 2012 at 12:40 pm

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Google wants mobile payments for Android phone

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googleGoogle plans to team up with MasterCard and Citigroup to provide mobile payments through their Android phones. This may be achieved through near-field communication (NFC) which allows for a secure data transfer through the air. The NFC technology is already implemented in other fields, for example, people can use credit cards with which they can pay by simply waving it by a reader instead of swiping it or typing in the pin number.  The idea is to introduce such technology to smart phones so that we can buy things by activating a special payment application. If such payment systems come to mobile phones, the phones will become our electronic wallets and instead of pulling out the credit card we will wave our smartphones at the cash counters.

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April 12th, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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