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MVNOs lure new customers with free credit

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How often do you switch your operator? free credit

How often do you switch your operator when you use PAYG SIM card?

Asda, Vectone and Lebara offer free bundles for new PAYG SIM card customers and those who move their number to MVNOs networks.

British mobile market is dominated by four main operators which take the majority of market share. They have been fighting for customers for years but the most interesting battle may be seen between the smallest parties on this market. MVNOs, as this is where the rivalry is fiercest, are usually created to cater for the needs of particular, limited groups. These virtual operators mostly provide their customers with PAYG SIM cards thus giving them freedom but also no ties to one operator. It makes it very easy for a customer to switch from one operator to another.  In order to attract people and make them use their services, MVNOs offer competitive rates and attractive sign-up bonuses. It is an ideal situation for consumers as they benefit from the struggle between operators and thanks to using PAYG SIM cards, number transfer is not so problematic and can be done at any time. This article looks at three such operators and their offers for new customers.

First, we will look at Vectone which is an operator that uses EE’s mobile coverage and offers both PAYG SIM cards and contracts. They advertise that consumers that transfer their number to Vectone get £15 for free. And it is partially true. People who move their number to Vectone get a bonus when they top-up for the first time. It varies depending on the top-up amount and in the best case scenario you may get £15, but only when you top up 30 quids. In other cases, the joining bonus is between £2 and £10, depending on the top-up value. Obviously, this is a deal just for PAYG SIM card users.

Another transfer bonus is offered by Lebara. This international MVNO offers only pay as you go SIM cards and it is customised to meet the needs of migrant workers. The operator piggybacks on Vodafone so if you are curious about the mobile coverage you need to go to our mobile coverage checker. The bonus promised by Lebara is simple: £4 of free credit for anyone who decides to switch from any other operator. It does not sound as nice as £15 at Vectone, but it does not require to top-up huge amounts to benefit from it.

Finally, the third offer is from Asda Mobile, an MVNO set up by the famous supermarket brand back in 2007. This operator provides EE’s mobile coverage and deals only in PAYG SIM cards. In contrast to the previous ones, Asda’s sign-up bonus is not aimed at customers switching their numbers but it is for every new-comer.  The deal itself beats those above as every new ASDA PAYG SIM card may come with a free bundle worth £20! It includes 2 GB of data, 1500 minutes and 2000 texts valid for 30 days, so basically almost an all-you-can-eat deal for a month. The only requirement is to log in and register at Asda to get the free bundle. The offer is limited to first 80,000 customers and it is valid until the 2nd of February 2015.

As you can see MVNOs fight hard for PAYG SIM card users and if you want to keep track of the latest deals available in the UK visit our webpage and stay up to date.

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January 6th, 2015 at 2:59 pm

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ASDA sim card on EE service.

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ASDA jumped ships from Vodafone to EE as of November 25th, 2013, thus providing its customers different mobile coverage and potential 4G service in the future.

ASDA mobileASDA Mobile, the supermarket MVNO, decided to start piggybacking on EE’s network instead of staying with their old partner, Vodafone. This transition happened on November 25th, 2013 and any new customer who joined ASDA after that day will receive a PAYG SIM card that works with EE. ASDA’s old customers are able to use their current SIM cards without a problem until April 30th, 2014; however, they will not be able to benefit from EE’s mobile coverage as their SIM cards will connect via Vodafone’s network. If they still want to use ASDA as their provider they need to exchange their SIM cards by the end of April 2014. To do so, they will need to follow few easy-to-follow steps.

First of all, old customers need to order a free new ASDA Mobile PAYG SIM card, which can be done via ASDA’s website. Then they need to request a special Unique Offer Code via a text. The next step is to insert your new ASDA SIM card, turn on your phone and enter your Unique Offer Code with a special syntax. This will automatically initiate the phone number transfer process, which should finish in 2 to 5 days. After that period you will be notified that the new ASDA Mobile service on EE works and your number has been transferred. Additionally, the Unique Offer Code also grants you a free welcome bundle (100 minutes, 2000 texts and 100MB for 30 days).

ASDA Mobile recommends using up all the credit on your old ASDA PAYG SIM card before making the switch, however, if you forget to do it by the end of April 2014, ASDA will deliver a refund. It will come either in form of free credit on a new SIM card or an ASDA Gift Card.

The MVNO boasts that their partnership with EE gives their customers access to mobile coverage of 99% in the UK. As of today, there were no announcements about possible cooperation with EE in terms of providing 4G mobile coverage to ASDA customers.

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December 10th, 2013 at 6:31 pm

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Cheapest PAYG

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ASDA wants to lure more customers by offering the cheapest PAYG mobile phone in the market.

ASDA seems to want to tap into budget customers who want to get affordable mobile phones at lowest cost possible. To do so the supermarket chain introduced a PAYG mobile phone on the cheap for merely 5 pounds. Surprisingly, the price is exactly just £5 as customers are not made to purchase any additional top-ups or sign up for any special tariff. Additionally, the phone comes with a T-Mobile PAYG SIM card.

Cheapest PAYGThe phone in question is Alcatel 1010. This handset is a very simple device and it has only basic features such as MP3 player, 3MB of memory and a wireless FM radio. If you are looking for a cutting-edge phone then Alcatel 1010 is not your choice, however, this feature phone is a very practical device if you want to use it just to call and text. It weighs around 60g, its dimensions are 106x46x13mm, and it has a small 1.45” screen with 65k colour display. This gives the phone long battery life which is a rarity in today’s world of power-hungry smartphones.

ASDA is not the first store to introduce extremely cheap mobile devices.  Earlier this year, Tesco launched its own-branded tablet Tesco Hudl. Again it is not a state-of-the-art device but a sturdy and affordable budget version of popular tablets.  Supermarket chains aim at people who look for new ways to save money and the period before Christmas is the season for saving money to spend it on gifts.

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November 28th, 2013 at 11:06 am

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ASDA Mobile

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ASDA Mobile has rethought its strategy and wants to tap into mobile contracts by introducing Phone Shops at the flagship stores.

ASDA mobileASDA has designs on putting more attention to contract customers instead of just maintaining its traditional role of a MVNO with PAYG SIM cards. In order to do so it will take control of Phone Shops at their supermarket. These shops were previously run by group Infinite and before that by Shebang. Now the supermarket chain wants to run them by its own. The trail will take place in three shops in: Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham.  The idea is to have an outlet focused entirely on selling phones and assisting customers. Moreover, thanks to having a bricks-and-mortar store, customers will be able to sign a contract without much trouble. This is a way to benefit from the recent positive trend on the contract market. If the trial brings good results, the company will open more Phone Shops across their chain of over 500 supermarkets. An ASDA spokesman said: ‘The Asda Mobile network is now established as one the UK’s best loved PAYG networks. The contract market is a growing part of the industry which is why as Asda Mobile continues to grow this will also be an area of focus for us.’

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June 10th, 2013 at 4:54 pm

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PAYG mobiles at ASDA

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ASDA mobile ASDA has introduced new ultra cheap mobile phones to its wide range of products. You can find now some cheap branded PAYG mobile phones at discounted prices. Among them you may find T-Mobile Zest 2, Nokia 1616 or Samsung E2121. They aren’t the most modern phones on the market, but offers them in the price range of 12.5 to 15 pounds. For such a price you will get a simple phone good for calling or texting, with a FM radio and an MP3 player. On top of that, each mobile bought in ASDA comes with a PAYG ASDA Mobile SIM card and the ‘Everyday’ bundle (100 minutes and 100 texts for £5).

Source: ASDA

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February 23rd, 2012 at 12:02 pm