Price hike for O2 contract consumers - pay as you go sim card UK mobile at pay as you go sim card UK mobile

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Price hike for O2 contract consumers

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O2 has informed its customers that it will increase their monthly payments by 3.2% starting from Feb 28, 2013 contract customers. Price of calls, texts and data will not be increased, which means that PAYG SIM cards will not be affected. Increase of such value means that a contract customer that now pays £20 will have to pay £20.64. Similarly, £30 contracts will be soon £30.96 ones. The mobile operator argumentation supporting this price hike is that it needs to adjust it prices to the inflation. O2 spokesperson defends this change by underlying how the competition introduced such price hikes before them and how small the increase is by saying ‘At a time when our competitors have been raising the prices of their tariffs, we’ve resisted. But as external costs continue to rise, we can’t keep our pay monthly prices at the current level. For over half of our pay monthly customers this will mean an increase on their bill of up to 58 pence per month.’

O2 contract

O2 contract

Price hikes have angered customers of all mobile operators and they were keen to express their disappointment. Nevertheless, that’s all they can do as most of contracts have a clause in Terms and Conditions that allows providers to adjust their price with the inflation mid-contract. Thus none of the customers can get out of the contract using price increase as a reason.

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