Cheap smartphones to boost PAYG market - pay as you go sim card UK mobile at pay as you go sim card UK mobile

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Cheap smartphones to boost PAYG market

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Carphone Warehouse (CPW) forecasts that smartphones for less than £100 will revive the PAYG market during Christmas.  Roger Taylor, CEO of Carphone Warehouse Group, predicts that this Christmas is the time for smartphones. The mobile phone retailer is also positive about the fact that the newest high-end smartphones that were launched on the market this year will be high on Christmas wish lists. However, they are just a part of the market. Taylor’s company thinks that this year affordable smart phones will actually facilitate the recovery of pay-as-you-go market, which used to be the backbone of high street retailers.

Cheap smartphones to boost PAYG market

This means that beside shipping the leading edge phones like iPhone 5, Galaxy S III or Lumia 820 for contract customers, CPW will put more emphasis on selling prepaid smartphones. The company will offer a set of smartphones for less than £100 through series of deals that will come in December. For example, right now you can get the low-end smartphone with a price of tag below 100 quids with additional 10% discount, so Samsung Galaxy Ace, Sony Xperia Tipo or Motorola MotoSmart are there to grasp for around £80.

Remember that you need to add £10 extra to all CPW’s prices of pay as you go smartphones. This is a top-up that you will buy to get a phone with a PAYG SIM card.
The time will show whether Roger Taylor’s predictions are right and we will see a comeback of PAYG SIM card bundles with smartphones.

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December 4th, 2012 at 11:19 pm