A nation of texters - pay as you go sim card UK mobile at pay as you go sim card UK mobile

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A nation of texters

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A nation of texters

A nation of texters

The annual Communications Market, the Ofcom research, showed that Brits are a nation of texters. Ofcom surveyed the British society and found out that an average consumer sends 50 texts per week.  This means the nation has doubled its texting frequency in just 4 years, while 2011 was a record-breaking year with over 150 billion text messages sent. Out of them 83 billion were sent pay post-pay customers while 68 billion by pre-paids. The report also showed that a vast majority (90%) of the 16-24 group uses text communication every day. However, calling still brings the biggest revenue as it constitutes 2/3 of all the operators’ income. If we look on what delivers more profit: contract or pay as you go SIM cards, then contract customers spend on average £25.14 and PAYG clients just £6.56 a month. Talking about the comparison of pay as you go and postpaid services we have almost a tie in number of active connections. There are 41 million active contract SIM card out there in the UK, while PAYG SIM cards count gives a number of 40 million. This shows how operators have been luring pay as you go users and has steadily been converting PAYG to contract customers since 2009. If you are into figures and data, we advise checking the whole section on mobile services that is available for download at this link:


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