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Smartphone for Muslims

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An Indian digital company ENMAC has recently released their line of smartphones that targets the Islamic community, especially in India – Smartphone for Muslims. Their phones have all the functionality of modern smartphones such as double SIM card slot, touchscreen, GPRS connectivity and video camera. Additionally they have all sort of applications useful for any Muslim. For example, there is a compass that always points to Mecca, a complete Holy Qur’an, the holy Islamic book, in 29 languages including English, Urdu or Bengali, or tutorial on how to perform the Hajj rituals. On top of this, there is an auto-silent mode that turns on during pray times and when you are in mosque.

Smartphone for Muslims

Anuj Kanish, ENMAC, says that there is a need for such devices as there is around 180 million Muslims in the Indian society, for which religion has a very important place, just as the mobile phone. The company wants to cater for both of these important needs providing a product that is a combination of technology and religion.


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December 9th, 2011 at 6:01 pm

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